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Menu Abida Edinburgh

Indian is known for its spicy and delicious items and curry presentation all over the world. A numerous Indian foods lovers are available in different part and hence, the demand of Indian dishes are so high. We, here at Abida Edinburgh bring you the best items from Indian culinary in their myriad flavors and tastes on the streets of Edinburgh. Some of the most-sold hot favorite dishes at our place include Lahori Karahi, Karahi Murgh Keema Masala, Balti Adrak Masala, Balti Bojpori Masala, Balti Murgh Achari among a whole lot of others. These are enough to put a fitting to your meal and right away are capable of ending your ravenous appetite while making your taste buds wanting for more. Chicken dishes are also one of the most-sold items and it belongs to the culinary of Asia. Some of our signature dishes of chickens are Chicken Tikka Massalam, Palak Chicken, Hyderabadi Murgh Masala, Coconut Chicken, North Indian Chilli Garlic Chicken, Khumbi Jhal Masala etc. No wonder they are a treat to the tummy. You can always try our all-famous side orders without any hesitation. Our great side orders Keema Mattar, Chana Bhuna, Aloo Baigan Bhaji, Achari Bhindi, Aloo Chana, Cucumber Raita and a lot more. Thai lovers will also have a nice time here while having items like Thai Red Curry, Chicken with Cashew Nut, Fried Noodles Thai Style etc. You can try one of our choices from soft drinks as well to end your awesome dinner.

About Abida Edinburgh

Outstanding tasting food is what we offer to our customers. Be it a small wrap or a big all-square meal, we make everything with utmost care. Best level of quality is a part of our kitchen and every ingredient are chosen from the best lot of the market by our team. Being a leading chain in the food industry over these years, we have gathered quite a lot of experience and knowledge. Those skills are mixed in for presenting the best food in front of you. Secret spices are used in every dish we cook in order to make them as heavenly as possible. We take note of every remark from our customers and their feedbacks have helped us in building the biggest food community ever. Visit us to discover our legacy. If you are not having the time to come to us, we would deliver your desired food to your doorstep. Just download our app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and start ordering from our infinite selection of items.

Restaurant location Abida Edinburgh

We are located in a very pleasant location at the heart of the city. We are bringing the best Indian menus of the town being located at 295a St John's Road, Corstophine, Edinburgh EH12 7XF. This is a part of the city's most acclaimed portion and we are immensely happy to serve you from here. Transportation is very smooth in nature here as is the view from our place. This is the reason; we are able to attract a lot of customers from various parts of the city. Before time delivery of parcels are also guaranteed from our side because of this location. But if for some reason, you are having issues in finding us, let our app do the job of navigating you to us. Our full details are also there on our website for you to consult. Come to us with your close ones to make a wonderful memory with us.

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